The Author

Pati Tarby


Pati Anne grew up in a small town in upstate New York where winter was long and freezing and springtime was rainy and muddy. After high school, she worked in a travel agency and became acquainted with areas where the weather was mild all year. Visions of sandy beaches, palm trees, and sunny days danced in her head.

When her aunt and uncle, who lived on the west coast, wrote her family about California, Pati expressed a desire to move there. In 1960, they invited her to come and stay with them while she  looked for a job. Pati spoke so enthusiastically about California that some of her girlfriends wanted to move with her. One rainy day they set off in a two-car caravan across the country, leaving their parents alarmed and complaining.

Pati stayed in California while her friends eventually moved back to New York. She was so impressed with the sensational beauty of California, that she began writing poetry about it. Poetry flowed frantically from her, even waking her up at night, so she kept pen, paper, and a flashlight next to her bed. In 2009, one of her poems, “Captured By Nature”, was published in The Wishing Well – Reflections by Eber & Wein Publishing.

When Pati was in her thirties, she started day-hiking and writing notes about the areas she visited. She was so inspired by the out-of-doors that she began talking with the staff of museums, chamber of commerce, and visitor centers, as well as locals and park rangers, who gave her valuable information. Her dream was to eventually write a travel guide about the places she loved most. And in 2015 she finally realized her dream. Many experts have reviewed her work and have written wonderful praise.

Pati lives in Woodland Hills, California, where she often walks nearby trails.