California Vacation Paths

The Book

California embraces some of the world’s most spectacular sights. Come see for yourself the never-to-be-forgotten places that will amaze you, thrill you, and soothe your heart and soul. Walk among tall white tufa formations, see the sparkle of creeks and small lakes, and listen to the rushing rivers and waterfalls found along the paths.

Within the pages of this guide is the secret of finding hundreds of amazing outdoor wonders. Everything is laid out in consecutive order; no planning is needed. Just follow one main path through an entire area.

Each area has unique delights. Click on the photos of each of the 6 areas to see what it offers. Each area of the book includes directions and a list of “Eateries/ Lodging”, “Kid Faves”,  “Wheelchair Accessible Activities”, and a fact-filled “Appendix”.





Praise for California Vacation Paths

“Pati you have realllly done a nice job with this guide. What detail and what interesting and thorough information. I especially like the way you have described some of the areas—very nicely done. It is pure music and poetry.”

Patricia Fry, author, book editor, and consultant


“Pati’s affection for the natural areas of the Golden State is obvious, and she’s worked diligently to share that enthusiasm with readers.”

Joan Tapper, author of The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of California


“This book provides information for people with mobility issues to enable them to vacation with their able-bodied friends and families. The Mammoth Lakes area has a wealth of natural beauty and athletic opportunities and much of it is accessible to all! This is a great resource for visitors and locals alike.”

Laurel Martin, Summer Program Manager/Guest Services Manager, Mammoth Lakes


“All in all, this looks like a great guide. Hope it’s a best seller!!!”

Tawni Thomson, Executive Director, Bishop Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau


“The chapter on Yosemite National Park provides an in-depth overview of the park and everything it has to offer. The information in these pages provides invaluable information, insight, and tips that future visitors will find useful. (Pati Tarby) created a manual for exploring Yosemite in a way that is easy to follow and understand.”

Kari Cobb, Public Affairs Officer, Office of the Superintendent, Yosemite National Park


“Your accuracy for trail travel navigation and how to get to the trailheads…is right on. I enjoyed descriptions of each trail as well.”

Kerry Kellogg, Wilderness and Trails Manager, Santa Barbara Ranger District, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara

“Pati your book is a great reference guide for the Central Coast, it offers ideas on the best of the best to see and do when visiting San Luis Obispo.”

Lindsey Miller, Director of Marketing San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce


“If you want to visit Pismo Beach and surrounding areas of California I recommend that you use this fabulous book as your guide.”

Suzen Brasile, Executive Director, Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau


“Morro Bay truly is the undiscovered natural “treasure-trove” of California! With our intimate bay, estuary, miles of beautiful beaches, local family-owned hotels, restaurants and shops, we are a wonderful vacation destination. When visitors happen to stumble upon us, their first question is, “What is there to do here?” Pati has managed to answer this question in spades. Thank you Pati for putting Morro Bay on the map!”

Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center